Mobile Marketing Trends in 2011

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Before getting into the mobile marketing trends for 2011, take a look at some of the data projections for mobile for this year.

In 2011

  • Worldwide mobile ad spend is projected at $11.4 to $20 billion. (Source: Merrill Lynch Report)
  • More than 85% of the handsets shipped globally are expected to include a browser. (Source:
  • USA mobile advertising revenues will hit $1.2 billion (Source:
  • Europe’s mobile advertising revenues will hit $212 million (Source:
  • Asia’s mobile advertising revenues will hit $1.5 billion (Source:

Not surprisingly, the marketing world is falling over themselves to get at the vanguard of the mobile movement. Here are five trends for the current year that will help define 2011 as the year of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2011

  • Social. Social music, social gaming, social media aggregators, video sharing and social search. These are just a few of the upcoming social experiences on which mobile is at the cutting edge. Expect smart phones and their applications to empower continued peer-to-peer interactions.
  • Instant Networking. All you need are two people with Bluetooth-enabled Smart Phones and the right application and you’ve got the potential for instant networking. Expect to see this explode at tradeshows, networking events, campuses and anywhere else people are making fast friends.
  • Demographics. Today, the majority of teenagers view their mobile phone as “the key to their social life” yet only 15% own a smart phone. At the beginning of 2011, US Smart phone adoption was just over 27% for all demographics. Expect both numbers to shoot up as web-enabled phones become not just mainstream, but the norm.
  • Budgets. As marketing budgets continue to shift online because of factors like increased measurability and early buying cycle audiences, so too will mobile marketing budgets grow. See the above advertising budget data to get an idea for this growth.
  • QR Codes. These 2-dimensional bar-codes (pictured) were originally created to help Toyota track auto parts. However, they’ve found new life bring mobile phone users onto the mobile web. The idea is that QR Codes can be printed on everything from magazines to buses. When a mobile user takes a picture of the image (and has the right software installed) they’re brought to a mobile-optimized site. Here’s a good article on QR Codes for mobile.

There are a number of good books on mobile marketing out there. Here are a few:

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