• Lead Management Consulting

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    Lead Management Consulting is an incredibly important business-to-business (B2B) function. Here are some aspects of lead management: Marketing automation. Marketing automation is a broad description or category name for a set of features and/or technology which help reduce repetitive, high value tasks associated with marketing processes. Lead Nurturing. Lead nurturing is the process of engaging prospects or customers using relevant and timely communications to build a trusted relationship, generate interest, and raise awareness until they are ready to speak with sales. In summary, it’s the process of realigning the timing of sellers and buyers. For a Lead Management Consultant, make sure they understand lead nurturing, lead qualification, lead scoring, marketing automation, progressive profiling, lead generation, and all the other important aspects of a successful lead management campaign.

  • What is New Media?

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    New Media Definition

    New media is the fusion of traditional media and communications with Internet technology. More than what it is, new media defines itself by what it is not. It is not traditional media: radio, television, print and film. Instead, new media is digital. It's interactive. It's on your computer, your phone, your next new gadget. read more